Combined Quest for Meaning and Third Half of Life


A Workshop for Men and Women
Who Are Asking: “What’s Next for My Life?”


• If in your journey along life’s way, a gentle longing, a vague uneasiness beckons you to search for something more.
• If you have achieved some success in life, but aren’t sure what comes next.
• If you sometimes ask yourself: “What is the meaning of my life anyway?”
• If a recent failure or loss has led to questions about where your life is headed.
• If you would like to explore the possibilities that lie beyond the normal, everyday activities that take up so much of life’s energy.

Consider joining the new Quest Workshop

We will meet for 9 consecutive Sunday evenings from 6:00 to 8:30 PM Knoxville (the Bearden area) beginning September 28, 2014. If you would like to be part of this Quest Workshop contact:

More Information: 865-546-7008


Using stories, poetry, literature, and the world’s wisdom traditions, we will consider the various ways one can choose to invest one’s life energy. The ten-year journey of Odysseus to find his way “home” after his great victory at Troy will serve as a symbol for the journey every man and every woman can make in pursuit of a feeling of wholeness, of meaning, of purpose.

Workshop Leader: David V White, Author of: On Being Human: An Operator’s Manual and the manuscript, The Quest for Meaning: The Inner Journey of Odysseus