Workshop Descriptions


Quest Workshop:
For Men and Women In their Middle Years Who Are Asking:

“What’s Next for My Life?”

• If in your journey along life’s way, a gentle longing, a vague uneasiness beckons you to search for something more

• If you have achieved some success in life, but aren’t sure what comes next

• If you sometimes ask yourself: “What is the meaning of my life anyway?”

• If a recent failure or loss has led to questions about where your life is headed

• If you would like to explore the possibilities that lie beyond the normal, everyday activities that take up so much of life’s energy

Using the ancient story of the Odyssey as a jumping off place, we will consider the various ways one can choose to invest one’s life energy. The ten-year journey of Odysseus to find his way “home” after his great victory at Troy will serve as a symbol for the journey every man and every woman can make in pursuit of a feeling of wholeness, of meaning, of purpose.


The Third Half of Life
A Workshop for Men and Women as they Approach, and Pass On Through, That Amazing Age
 of 60

The Task: To become an elder, discover meaning, and find peace

Somewhere along the way, as our lives approach 60 – then move on to 65, to 70, and beyond – the questions change, sometimes subtly, sometimes dramatically, but there are questions still. Profound questions. And decisions. And opportunities.

Join us in an exploration of the questions and possibilities that arise during this important time of life: a time of seeking – and for some, finding – important answers.


The Inner Conversation
Jung’s Complexes, Voice Dialogue, 
and the Big Mind/Big Heart Process

Carl Jung spent many years learning to work with the different perspectives we each have within (he called them the complexes, or the organizing points of view within us). Hal and Sidra Stone refined this into the Voice Dialogue process. Zen Master Genpo Roshi further evolved the work with his Big Mind/Big Heart process, more fully including the spiritual dimension, and adding a technique to integrate the voices.

This workshop will trace the development of these ideas and practices, and bring participants into an experience of how it works – providing a taste of how it can be used to better understand ourselves and the issues of our lives.

In addition, since every spiritual tradition has recognized the possibility of wisdom that can come to us from beyond our conscious minds, from a “still small voice,” we will consider how the inner conversation relates to this perennial idea.


The Many Dimensions of Love
From the Personal to the Universal

Few words have as many different meanings, or encompass as many feelings, as the word “love.”

In this workshop, we will consider several aspects and meanings, and how they overlap and inform each other. Then we will explore how the highest dimensions of love relate to the various spiritual traditions of the world, and how understanding and practice of the higher levels can lead to a more full and fulfilled life.