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On Being Human: An Operator’s Manual


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On Being Human is published by Meaningful Life Books.

If you have asked yourself questions like:

“How should I live?”
“On what shall I base my decisions?”
“What is truly important?”

– you will find On Being Human valuable in your personal quest, for it takes a broad, holistic view – exploring how psychology, art, science, religion, relationships, culture, mythology, philosophy, and the world¹s wisdom traditions are all involved in coming to terms with the full range of human emotions and possibilities. Including all, it leads toward their integration in living a fulfilled human life.

Reactions To On Being Human

When you read On Being Human you acquire a wise new friend who respects and cares for your well-being and is devoted to increasing your understanding of yourself and how to overcome life’s complexities. To clarify how we can make the best decisions for living, David combines the rational, emotional and spiritual dimensions in considering what makes life worthwhile. In reading this book you will gain much insight and feel dignified by what you have come to know.

—Phillip Moffitt, past editor-in-chief of Esquire Magazine and author of Dancing with Life and Emotional Chaos to Clarity

We get thrown into life, and end up in the most frustrating places! Why don’t they give us a road map for how to be a human being?” In my psychotherapy practice, this question arises often. In On Being Human: An Operator’s Manual David White tackles this very problem. He takes the big questions about what it is to be a human being and renders them into a language for today. Questions about how to live a fully expressed, moral, and rational life have been the domain of philosophers, theologians, poets and psychologist since the beginning of time. Gently, with humor, intelligence, and understanding, he takes the big questions down from the “Ivory Towers” of the wisdom traditions and translates them into this useful and very readable book.

—Bonnie L. Damron, PhD, LCSW, Archetypal Pattern Analyst

I have followed David White’s work for more than a decade, and have attended many of his lectures and participated in several discussion groups he has organized. What makes this book unique is that it presents a cohesive, wonderfully-crafted summary of more than thirty years of reading, introspection, and inner work. The book will be invaluable to those who are either beginning, or have already embarked on, a journey of self-discovery.

—Rafael C. Gonzalez, PhD, Distinguished Service Professor, Emeritus, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department, The University of Tennessee, Author of the best-selling textbook, Digital Image Processing

David shares here his vast, comprehensive knowledge of wisdom traditions along with his own thoughts and humor, making An Operator’s Manual both a rich resource for living a meaningful life as well as a delight to read. When life throws you the hard, fast curve that makes you question why you are here and disrupts your game, On Being Human is the place to find a fix.

—Sue Painter, Blogger, Business Coach, and Founder of the Confident Marketer

If you’ve ever paused to ponder the meaning of your own life, this book is for you. From a rocking chair on his front porch, David White guides us on a romp across vast expanses of culture—philosophy, psychology, science, and the best that the wisdom traditions, both eastern and western, have to offer—always bringing it back home to this time…this place…this individual life.

—Ronda Redden Reitz, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, Past President of the Appalachian Psychoanalytic Society